About Us

About Us

​Brown Bros. Farms, LLC is a family run operation located in Paris, Ohio. We raise all of our products from peeps which we primarily purchase from Myer’s Poultry Farm, LLC  in South Fork, Pennsylvania. The peeps arrive via the United States Postal Service and are raised in the most humane way possible. We start all of our flocks on a 23% protein All-Natural Non Medicated Non-GMO poultry starter.

They are on this feed for about two weeks. After that we switch them over to a 20%protein Non-Medicated Non-GMO grower feed for about two weeks. Finally, our birds are put on a 18% Non-Medicated, Non-GMO poultry finisher until they reach market weight.

All of our feed is milled at Maysville Elevator in Apple Creek, Ohio. We purchase our feed through Yoder’s Feed Service in Uniontown, Ohio. Our feed is All Natural and has only Non-GMO grain. The mineral Premix we use is called Poultry Pro, It is a Crystal Creek product. Crystal Creek is located in Wisconsin and only manufactures All Natural Livestock products.

All product ships from:  Brown Bros. Farms, LLC, Paris, Ohio  44669