Chicken Products

Chicken Products

Brown Bros. Farms, LLC is a Free Range Poultry operation located in Paris, Ohio. We raise all of our products and feed only  Non- GMO, Non-Medicated feed.  We only offer products that do not contain antibiotics or growth hormones.

Our birds start out in our brooder housing. This is unit we use to keep our birds warm and safe from predators. This unit is as close to a cage as our birds come.  The birds are in the brooder for about two weeks.  Once they leave the brooder they are moved into a finisher housing for about six weeks.  Here they are given full access to the outdoors and are free to eat any grass bugs and other natural feed they desire.  The birds are closed up at sundown for protection from nocturnal predators and released again before daybreak.

All of our birds are processed by Pleasant Valley Poultry in Baltic, Ohio.  This is a United States Department of Agriculture Inspected Plant.  This inspection allows us to sell nationally on a retail basis.   All of our products are vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and quality.

We are currently finishing the details on our shipping containers and will upload inventory once we are fully prepared to ship. We appreciate your patience as we work through this process!

Our Selection of Free Range, Non-GMO, No Hormone, USDA Inspected Chicken Products:

Whole Chicken - SmWhole Chicken

Weighs between 5-7 pounds Cryovac packaged, be sure to select your size. Makes fantastic rotisserie chicken! If baked chicken is more your style they are great in the oven as well. Many customers also cook beer butt chickens with these birds and are very pleased with the outcome!


3-4 lb. bird – $14.00
4-5 lb. bird – $17.50
5-6 lb. bird – $21.00
7-8 lb. bird – $25.00


Chicken HalvesCut-Up Chicken​

Our whole bird, cut into 8 pieces (2 wings, 2 breasts, 2 thighs and 2 drumsticks) and put back together before being packaged. This is a wonderful way to add variety to the grill at an economical price. Vacuum sealed on a foam tray.


3-4 lb. bird – $15.00
4-5 lb. bird – $18.75
5-6 lb. bird – $22.50
7-8 lb. bird – $26.75


Skinless Chicken BreastBoneless Chicken Breasts

Two Chicken breasts with skin and bone removed. Vacuum sealed.


 1 lb. pack- $7.50
1-1.5 lb. pack – $11.25
1.5-2 lb. pack – $15.00
2-2.5 lb. pack – $18.75

Products - Ground ChickenGround Chicken​

A mixture of white meat and dark meat make up our ground chicken. It is packaged in one pound vacuum sealed packs. Great substitute for ground beef! Makes wonderful sloppy Joes, meatloaf and spaghetti!

$6.50 per pack
(1 pound packs)

Original Bratwurst - SmChicken Bratwurst

Our ground chicken with an original bratwurst seasoning blended in.

Ingredients: Chicken, Water, Salt, Brown Sugar, (Sugar and Cane Molasses) Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Dry Mustard, Sage

Stuffed in All Natural Hog Casing, Four links per package, package weighs roughly one pound. Great on the grill or cooked in a pan on the stove.

$7.00 per pack

Chicken HalvesChicken Halves​

Our whole bird cut in half.  One chicken half per package; Vacuum sealed on a foam tray.

$6.00 per pack

  Products - Chicken Bone In BreastsChicken Bone-In Breast​

Whole breast that has not been separated with bone in and skin attached. Great baked in the oven or on the grill!


1.5-2 lb. pack – $12.70
2-2.5 lb. pack – $15.88
2.5-3 lb. pack – $19.05
3-3.5 lb. pack – $22.23

  Chicken Leg QuartersChicken Leg Quarters

​Thigh and drumstick combination, packed two per package. These are wonderful on the grill!


1-1.5 lb. pack- $9.38
1.5-2 lb. pack – $12.58
2-2.5 lb. pack – $15.63

  Chicken ThighsChicken Thighs

Four chicken thighs packed in a vacuum sealed package. These are delicious marinated and grilled but can be pan fried baked in the oven or any way that is your favorite!


1-1.5 lb. pack- $8.65
1.5-2 lb. pack – $11.50
2-2.5 lb. pack – $14.35
2.5-3 lb. pack – $17.25


Chicken DrumsticksChicken Drumsticks

Four drumsticks in a vacuum seal package. Great on the grill, pan fried, or baked in the oven. A tasty option the kids will love!

$5.00 per pack

Products - Chicken LiversChicken Livers​

As they say, life depends upon the liver.

$2.50 per pack
(1 pound packs)


Chicken Gizzards

Chicken Gizzards​

Our chicken gizzards, packaged in one pound vacuum sealed package. These are great for appetizers at parties and social gatherings.

$4.00 per pack
(1 pound packs)


Products - chicken_hearts

Chicken Hearts​

Our chicken hearts, packed in a one pound vacuum sealed package. Make delicious appetizers for parties and social gatherings. 

$5.00 per pack
(1 pound packs)


Boneless Skinless Breast Patty - Sm

Chicken Breast Patties

Make your next sandwich healthier and leaner when you use the Brown Bros. Chicken Breast 3-pack of patties. Only the finest boneless, skinless chicken breasts are used to make these delicious, hand-formed patties by Amish artisans.


$9.00 per pack

  Wings - smChicken Wings

Whole chicken wings, packed 10 whole wings per package. Great Baked in the oven or deep fried.

$10.00 per pack

tendersChicken Tenders

The Tender removed from our chicken breasts. Make delicious lunches for all ages. These are packed on a foam tray, roughly ¾ of a pound.

$7.85 per pack

  Chicken Backs-smChicken Backs

Chicken backs and necks packed in a regular bag that weighs roughly 10 pounds. These make outstanding chicken broths and stock for soups.

$10.00 per pack


Mild Italian SausageMild Italian Chicken Sausage

Our ground chicken blended with a mild Italian spices. This is our biggest selling sausage. It makes fabulous Italian sausage sandwiches! Many of our customers highly recommend it.

Ingredients: Chicken, Water, Salt and Spices, Stuffed in Natural Hog Casing.

$7.00 per pack

  Maple Breakfast - smMaple Flavored Chicken Sausage

Our Ground chicken blended with a maple flavor and spices, stuffed in all natural Casing. Great pan fried! It is a tasty alternative to pork sausage links.

Ingredients: Chicken, Water, Sugar, Salt, Spices, Maple Sugar, Natural Flavors, Maple Syrup, Stuffed in all natural hog or sheep casing

$7.00 per pack